Trust shifu when it comes to quality vacuums best medium to large size wet dry vacuum which are good for commercial use you can use them to pick up heavy and bulky items. These vacuums come with a high storage space, power and noise, as they are used to clean heavy debris which requires high suction ability. But they are usually heavy to handle due to large size of the wet dry vacuum.

One of the best wet dry vac which has a large sizeis listed below and some of its essential feature is also discussed. The Emerson branded vacuum model number WS1600VA comes with the size of 20.25x 20.38x and 34.35 inches. The capacity offered by this vacuum is 16 gallons and the power requirement are around 6.5 peak horsepower. The CFM is 169 and the tank material used is polypropylene. The average weight of this kind of wet dry vacuum is 23.4 pounds it also comes with tank Drainage facility. She has diameter is 2.25 inches and its length are 7 Foot. The cord length is 20 feet. Dee vacuum comes with strong suction and weight capacity where as it makes higher noise compared to other medium to large sized wet dry vacuum.

The cost price of this type of vacuum was 107.49$ on Amazon however it now has a discount of 7%. This vacuum comes with a 5-year Limited warranty has various accessories such as vacuum, hose, quick log cartilage filter, utility nozzle, wet nozzle, car nozzle and did to extension wands. The vacuum comes with integrated blowing port which provides added was led to the powerful vacuum which helps the user to grow unwanted garbage out of the garages, job sites and driveways. You can purchase this vacuum along with the foam filter dost wet dry vacuum filter on Amazon which will cost you around 145. 23$.You can easily select such large size vacuums on The variety and the specialty of thewet dryvac are mentioned on the site as according to the need of the customers with good reviews.