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More often than not, people show themselves rather interested in the lives of politicians who rule their countries. In order to be able to know that they selected the right candidates, they look for all the information that can be found about them, whether it is where they studied, where they were raised, the kind of education that their parents gave them, etc. This also happens in their relationships, since they want to make sure that the politicians’ emotional partners are not problematic as well. But sometimes, people tend to get kind of attached to politicians’ significant others rather than the politicians themselves. This is the case of Jeb Bush Wife, Columba Bush. Columba Bush is a philanthropist born in Leon, Mexico, who later migrated to the United States and got married to Jeb Bush. She gained some fame when her husband became Florida’s governor, because, due to her values, she was able to earn people’s love and respect. That’s why there are people who want to know more about her and her life, her opinions, etc.

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